• AsGoodAsNew


    The main goals of AsGoodAsNew:Reduction of youth unemployment, Promotion of social inclusion for young people in social risk/social excluded by their economic empowerment& acquisition of skills for repair EEE(Electronic & Electric Equipment), Reduction of EEE waste, more efficient allocation of recycling materials, smart protection of environment, Trough repair& reuse of EEE citizens with low income get higher opportunities to acquire good quality EEE by marginal prices, ZERO transportation fees for donors& buyers of EE equipment and Average warranty period of ONE year for EEE purchased from our facilities.

    The facts are: Quantities of EEE waste in Republic of Macedonia are in permanent rise, while the official waste managing system is still underdeveloped and disintegrated, Considerable portion of total amount of EEE waste could be repaired or reallocated with minimal cost& time, Current companies in EEE waste business are facing with lack of qualified personnel to efficiently reroute products into raw materials for recycling/reuse, Current unemployment rate in MK is 23.1%, while only 50% of youth population is employed. 76% of employed population receives salary under 20.000 MKD., To re-use or buy new? Almost all of the electric/electronic equipment (EEE) manufacturers claim that we should get rid of the old EEE and purchase new ones, with better energy class/energy efficiency.

    But is that so? Re-use is incomparable better& cost-effective because there is no need for spending additional raw materials & energy for manufacturing, while substitution of EEE after 10 years since first purchase causes larger financial burden & negative environment impact.