• Recycle and Get a Bonus


    The main goal of the Green Idea is to recycle the used cooking oil from households in order to protect the environment and run a sustainable business. When it comes to cooking oil waste, it usually goes into the sewerage system.  Cleanup of one liter of oil in sewage water costs 2.80 euros. Also 1 litter of used cooking oil contain energy equivalent for 4000 hours of phone usage or 160 hours of laptop use or 4 hours of using the oven. So throwing used cooking oil in is a waste of energy and money. Instead of throwing away the used cooking oil, the households will be able to collect it and put it in the machine for collecting used cooking oil and get coins as a gift. The machine contains a filter, where all that liquid (usually water) that is not a used cooking oil goes into a special waste canister, while the used cooking oil is stored in a separate canister.